"New research suggests that parts of the brain controlling motor skills, hearing, storing audio information and memory become larger and more active when a child learns how to play an instrument and can apparently improve day to day actions such as being alert, planning and emotional perception." The Telegraph

"Playing a Theremin is like tickling Butterflies" WSJ

Invented 1919 by Russian electro physicist Lev Sergejewitch Termen, the Theremin is the only instrument that generates sound without being touched. Notoriously hard to play, it is one of the first electronic instruments that inspired the creation of synthesizers in future generations. Historically, the Theremin is one of the earliest electronic instruments, introduced to audiences in the early 20th century. Subsequently it served as the basis from which electronic musical instruments of the 20th century were later developed but has always been notoriously underestimated in its own capacities in the pantheon of music instruments up until now.


Music, Science, Body Awareness, Drawing Sounds, Movement and Music, Hearing Motion! How do the 5 senses relate to the theremin? Train your ear by understanding the basic principle of sound and motion.

America's first Theremin School for Children, the Kid Cool Theremin School is dedicated to inspire and nurture creative learning and expression through innovative music education, art and science. As part of the music and education department of Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation and the NY Theremin Society, the Kid Cool Theremin School nurtures an environment devoted to creative discourse and collaboration for children and parents alike, and is working towards participation rather than being passive spectators through a deep integration of music and art.
The location and sheer size of Pioneerworks.org, a spectacular reclaimed former iron works factory, allows to overcome the technical hurdles of setting up more than one theremin in the same room. Thanks to the support of Moog Music, who donated ten thereminis to the KidCoolThereminSchool, we are proud to continue our mission to provide innovative music education and to cultivate creative process for children and parents.

What started at Pioneerworks has now been taken across the world - most recently KCTS has been collaborating with and hosted classes at the AustrianCulturalForum NY, the Detroit ArtMuseum, the HenryFordMuseum Detroit, at MoogFest NC, STROM Festival Copenhagen, at INKONST Malmo, POPFEST Vienna, Nanterre Amandiers Theatre Paris, the MOOG Music Factory, AMOEBA Records SF and a yearlong residency in Paris at the GAITE LYRIQUE museum in 2017.

Dorit Chrysler, founder of KidCoolThereminSchool